Best Apps Every Pregnant Women Needs – Tracker, Due Date

    Gone are the days when pregnant woman have to note down everything and remembering all the dates. Having a baby is a blessing and a pregnant woman should stay happy in this crucial time without any hassles. Therefore, there are many apps that are developed especially for pregnant women to keep a check on everything without doing anything.

    Every expecting woman is a little bit anxious about how would she manage things. The pregnant women have to go to a lot of bodily changes that led to mood swings, irritation, cravings and worries about the baby. There are so many things that need to be in check like keeping the track of the baby growth, taking pills on time and doctors appointment. So, to minimize the work there are some applications that can help you and you can easily keep track of all the things.


    Ratings- 4.8 stars on iOS and 4.7 on Android

    This app is one of the Time Magizine’s top 50 Apps of the year and this is specially curated for a real experience. Cutting edge Interaction – Experience your infant’s reality in at no other time seen detail. Genuine to-life intelligent developments, kicking, heartbeat and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

    Pregnancy Journal with FREE PDF to view or print: Capture midsection photographs and all your uncommon pregnancy considerations and minutes – incorporates more than 350 fun passage thoughts!


    1. Day by day and week after week data about you and your creating infant
    2. Customized Pregnancy Timeline
    3. Instruments (Weight Tracker, Kick Counter and Contraction Timer)
    4. Checklist



    Ratings- 4.8 stars on iOS and 4.7 Ratings on Android

    Baby Center’s pregnancy tracker and infant improvement schedule application tally down to your infant’s expected date step by step and step by step. Highlights in this powerful and instinctive application incorporate valuable pregnancy tips and fetal advancement recordings for each phase of pregnancy, a day by day pregnancy news source, food and nourishment thoughts, practice counsel, week by week agendas and updates, the Bumpie Photo Diary, a compression clock and child kick counter, and significantly more.



    Ratings- 4.9 stars on iOS and 4.8 stars on Android

    Tally down to the large day with this totally adaptable application. Plugin your infant’s name, sexual orientation, and due date, and your own pregnancy objectives and wellbeing data, and get customized data as your pregnancy advances. See representations of your infant’s present hand and foot size; peruse in excess of 2,000 pregnancy articles, tips, and devices; interface with different mothers-to-be, and track pregnancy achievements. This application additionally lets you log pre-natal nutrient admission also. And keeping in mind that the choice to follow your infant’s development by means of organic product formed visuals is an alternative, you can likewise change the development setting to “Parisian Bakery” on the off chance that you’ve at any point needed to know how enormous your infant is on a size of croissants to loaves.



    Ratings- 4.1 stars on iOS and 4.4 stars on Android

    This application is less about overwhelming clinical exhortation and more charming lifestyle tips for expecting moms. There’s likewise pregnancy yoga tips and an extremely delightful rainbow 3-D child that inclines with your screen and is hypnotizing to take a gander at, in any event, for non-pregnant ladies. This app has very cute graphics and very engaging that make the mood lighter and funnier.

    5) THE BUMP


    Ratings-  4.8 stars on iOS and 4.7 stars on Android

    This extensive application has everything parents-to-be could need. The Planner+ prepares mothers for up and coming specialist’s visits, while an intuitive 3D representation shows the infant’s development. The application includes everyday pregnancy and infant publication articles, continuous responses to every one of your inquiries, a library, a photograph collection to reporting that developing tummy, and substantially more, all offered on a wonderful interface.

    6) PREGNANCY Week By Week


    Ratings- 4.8 stars on iOS and 4.7 stars on Android

    This famous application offers a smooth and simple to-explore UI. You can follow your infant’s kicks and your weight gain, just as find out about your infant’s development through size-explicit showed graphs and pictures from each edge during each time of your pregnancy. Shy of your child messaging you ongoing selfies from the belly, this is presumably the nearest you can get to see what your infant resembles through each stage.

    7) GLOW Pregnancy & Baby Tracker


    Ratings- 4.7 stars on iOS and 4.6 stars on Android

    Controlled by information and intended for straightforwardness, the Glow Nurture application is intended to help your pregnancy with totally adaptable alternatives. Get alarms and experiences depending on the information you enter, look at a huge number of accommodating pregnancy articles, utilize the imaginative manifestations tracker and diagrams, and get every day reports on your pregnancy and your developing infant. The application additionally offers baby blues and unsuccessful labour support.

    8) What to Expect

    what to expect

    Ratings- 4.8 stars on iOS and 4.7 stars on Android

    This application is popular and tells you about all the dates of  “When You’re Expecting,” and it’s intended to manage your step by step and step by step. Plugin your child’s expected date — or utilize the application’s expected date adding machine — and begin following your infant’s development. Different highlights remember customized refreshes for your child’s turn of events, master tips, supportive articles, and the most recent child-rearing news.

    In this article, we tried to collect some of the best apps for all would-be mothers and fathers to keep track of all the things in one place. We know how precious this journey is for you and that’s why we bring you some of the top-rated applications so that you can just focus on your baby and you and leave rest of everything on these reliable apps.

    Therefore, We wish you a healthy baby and all the very best for this one-time precious journey and we are more than happy to help you through this article.

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