Donwload PUBG Korean Version Latest Free APK Dec 2020

                        Good News for all PUBG Lovers

    Since the news of PUBG Banned came out all the Pubg lovers sitting in their houses waiting to hear the news of PUBG coming back which is practically difficult in these times due to ongoing tensions between the two nations India and China. PUBG was banned on September 2, 2020, for the security and Sovereginity Of India. That day Indian Government had banned 118 apps and 58 apps were banned in July which has Tik Tok. Both these have a great user base in India. But for all the Young Gamers who play PUBG with all their heart and sweat, you can still play PUBG. Yes, you heard it right. You can Play Pubg Korean version which is quite safe and it won’t harm the security of our nation. After all, there is nothing important than our nation’s security.

    PUBG Mobile Korea (Kr) rendition is an amazing versatile form uncommonly ready for the great chicken-eating games. Presently you can encounter a similar fun chicken-eating experience as the PC, a wide range of fun game guides, great chicken-eating games The interactivity presents to you the best gaming experience, I accept numerous users will like it.

    Now the question is How to download the Korean version of PUBG in 2020 especially after the ban. The Korean version is of 1.7 GB file size and you need to have space for approximately 2 GB to function the app in a proper manner.

    We have made a step by step process which you need to follow.

    To Download APK

    To Download OBB

    1. The first step is to go through the above link and download the file.

    2. Then you need to go the file manager and look for APK file and install it into the system.

    3. Now, it would ask you for the permissions to install the APK file by going through Settings > Safety > Privacy > Install Apps from unknown sources.

    4. Now what you have to do is to go to Android > OBB and make a new folder by the name ‘com.pubg.krmobile’.

    5. Now, copy the OBB file that you downloaded and paste it to the ‘com.pubg.krmobile’ folder.

    6. And BOOM! Your favourite game is downloaded and now you can play it.

    Thank me later!!

    Do you want to know about Korean version more?

    The game modes are equivalent to in the standard variant, where you essentially contend with different players online in various accessible modes :

    Classic Mode

    Which is the most well-known mode, this is the great Battle Royale game, in which you contend with each other among 100 players on an enormous battleground and the last standing player wins.

    Arcade Mode

    It is like great mode, however, has fewer players, the play area is littler and the playing time is additionally shorter than in exemplary mode. This mode has three distinct variations:

     . Hardcore

    . Sharpshooter/ Snipper training

    . Fast match


    In this mode, it is played as a 4-on-4 group with various standards relying upon the classification where you partake. The accessible classifications are:

    . Control.

    . Field Training.

    . Group Deathmatch

    Stock to play

    Before you start you must take a look at your inventory to get ready for battle, your weaponry consists of a main weapon and smaller secondary weapon. In addition to several add-ons that can be installed on the weapon of your choice.

    Make team

    As referenced before, you can without much of a stretch add your companions to the Korean adaptation from the standard PUBG game. To do this, you have to utilize the in-game quest bar to look for players by name or ID. You can likewise include the arbitrary players you meet in the game.


    . All new, exciting, and adventurous missions.

    . Less straggling compared to the standard version.

    . New collectible items and loot.

    . Extraordinary and simple interactivity.

    . Capacity to play solo or in a team

    . Variety of weapons with easy switching between them.

    . A few playable modes.

    . Simple to include and collaborate with different players.            

    . Easily customize Settings and graphics

    Wrapping Up

    Here we always try to help our readers by providing them with the right information and we always look for the different methods to help our readers. We hope to continue to give you the exact information you want.

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