Top 10 Tech YouTubers In India – (2020 Updated)

    YouTube has become a household name when we want to know everything related to anything we just go to YouTube. And it has become a source of passive income or a source of mainstream income. YouTubers get there fair share of struggles and when it comes to tech YouTubers, there is quite high competition. Also, there is great fan following of tech YouTubers when we need a review on a new smartphone we just click to our favourite Youtuber and got a satisfactory review which has a lot to do with buying or not buying.

    1.Technical Guruji

    Technical Guruji has a humongous fan following and he is a dubai based Engineer who runs a tech Youtube Channel.  Technical guruji Claims that the idea behind this channel was to make people understand everything related to tech in hindi. Because in indis a lot of people don’t understand English well so it would benefit every person of the country.  And in a span of 5 years he has gain a massive following. He has a tagline which he uses in beginning of every video that is – To chaliye shuru karte hai.

    Name- Gaurav Chaudhary

    Channel started on- 18 Oct 2015

    Subscribers- 18.8 million( present day)

    2. Sharmaji Technical

    A Delhi based Youtuber Praval Sharma’s Sharmaji Technical is the first-ever Youtube channel that began with tech news, surveys, and substance identified with innovation. Praval functioned as an IT before beginning his channel and worked at Ericsson as a specialized technical engineer. He has likewise worked at ABB ISDC as an Application Specialist.

    Name- Praval sharma

    Channel started on- Mar 26, 2008

    Subscribers- 1.7 million

    3. Geekyranjit

    Ranjit Kumar is the host of the YouTube channel called Geekyranjit. Ranjit Kumar who is based out of Hyderabad additionally runs a device survey site known as He prior had left his place of employment as an IT expert to begin his own YouTube channel Geekyranjit. In this channel he discusses the Android Tips and Tricks, Smartphone Review, Unboxing of New Smartphone, Gadgets Review, Electronic Products Review. A previous software engineer, Ranjit began his own Youtube channel after he got exhausted with his position.

    Namr- Ranjit Kumar

    Channel started on- 6 Jan 2011

    Subscribers-  3.05 million

    4. Gadgets to use

    Bhatnagar, is a Professional Blogger and furthermore an Independent Web Consultant. Before beginning his YouTube adventure, he used to be a product engineer and has additionally worked for different IT organizations. Abhishek Bhatnagar isn’t just a Successful Youtuber however he is additionally a Pro Blogger. On their channel Gadgets To Use you can see all the sorts of devices survey and unpacking alongside the Smartphone Review, tips and deceives alongside how to’s recordings. The channel is pointed toward staying aware of the most recent innovative headways in the territories of all contraptions including cell phones, tablets, and so on.

    Name- Abhishek Bhatnagar

    Channel started on- 29 march 2011

    Subscribers- 997k

    5. C4Etech

    C4ETech is claimed by the Chennai Based Ashish, prevalently known as Ashish. The tech channel is focused on Smartphones. It contains Smartphone unpacking, surveys, Android application audits, device refreshes thus significantly more.

    Name- Ashish ganesh

    Channel started on- 20 march 2007

    Subscribers- 1.79 million

    6. iGyaan

    Begun in 2010, iGyaan is a channel possessed by Bharat Nagpal having some expertise in the tech kind. His motivation is to make things straightforward in the tech field for all clients. One of the biggest tech stages,, iGyaan is the video blog form of the tech blog by a similar name (, which has audits on the most recent contraptions including cell phones, tablets, cameras, earphones, games and all the current happenings in India.

    Name- Bharat Nagpal

    Channel started on- Jun19,2010

    Subscribers- 1.01 million

    7. Technical Dost

    This Delhi based YouTuber and began his YouTube direct Technical Dost in 2016. Technical Dost is a YouTube channel which is entirely unexpected from the other Tech Channels. Specialized Dost gives the data on Smartphone Review, Internet Knowledge Trending Tech Update, Tech News and are clarified in an interesting style. This is the explanation the channel is unique in relation to different channels. Specialized Dost YouTube channel, furnishes satisfaction alongside innovation information.

    Name- Hitesh kumar

    Channel Started on- 11 June 2016

    Subscribers- 1.89 million

    8. Intellect Digest

    Intellect Digest is a tech Youtube channel began by Rohit Khurana, an accomplished tech creator and a blogger with long stretches of involvement with tech-based blogging. Before beginning with his own Youtube channel, Khurana worked inside the telecom programming industry for a long time. His channel includes content that has refreshes on innovation, devices, cell phones, tablets, versatile figuring, specialized gadgets, and furthermore the most recent news and dispatches in the tech world. Likewise dealing with a vehicle blog and Youtube channel, Car blog India.

    Name- Rohit Khurana

    Channel started on – 2017

    Subscribers- 386k

    9. My smart Support

    Dharmendra kumar is an Indian tech youtuber from a far off town of Bihar. On the channel My Smart Support you get recordings about Adsense, YouTube, Web Development, App Development and that’s just the beginning.

    Name- Dharmendra Kumar

    Channel started on – 26 july 2012

    Subscribers- 1.22 million

    10. Techno Ruhez

    Techno Ruhez is a Youtube Channel run by Ruhez Amrelia who is based out of Mumbai. Managing in everything tech, the channel has videos and news from the innovation world. They additionally have surveys, unpacking, and refreshes on the most recent cell phones and contraptions in the market. Begun on eighth January 2015, the channel has around 1 million endorsers and is picking up ubiquity constantly.

    Name- Techno Ruhez

    Channel started on- 8 jan 2015

    Subscribers- 2.58 million

    Wrapping Up

    These are the top 10 tech youtubers if you have any issue with anything related to tech then you can go through any youtube channel mentioned above on the list. if you face any issue please fell free to ask us in the comment section. I hope you liked our article.

    We are more than happy to help you!

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