How to gain Instagram followers in 2020: 10 Proven Ways

    Instagram has the second largest user base and many people are running their businesses on Instagram. It has been a source of income to many of the users. There are Content creators, brand endorsements, e- commerce and almost every-thing. We have seen people promoting small brands to the high-end brands, Instagram has space for every one of them. Due to larger user base there is quite a competition occurs by choosing the right audience and making sure that the content will be delivered to the right audience.

    And Followers played a huge role in expanding the business or a page. Genuine followers who love the content is a blessing for every digital creator. Digital creators are no less than the celebs and they are the source of inspiration and motivation for many of us. This year when pandemic hit us hard platform like these helped us being creative and utilise this time productively.

    This is very important to have a huge fan base to grow your page whether it is business account or private account. And to gain followers in a organic way is a tough task. It doesn’t matter that what is the number of followers but what matters is how engaging and real your audience is.  Some people claim to give you thousands of followers but that is just a dillusion. Organic audience is the real key and today we are going to tell you proven ways which would help you to gain the followers in a organic way.

    1. Have a Great Bio

    Your bio is the first thing that any person would look at. So make sure to write something good and relatable so that people can relate with you and your work. If people start relating with you then it is a good sign because now they will not only follow you but share your content too and that would eventually help in getting more and more followers.

    2. Use Emoji

    Now if you have come this long then you should know that using emoji will boost the SEO of your Instagram page and if proper SEO has done then you will start gaining the followers. So try to use Emoji in your bio as well. Please understand it Less is always more. Don’t over do anything just one or two emoji and you are good. Keep your profile clean and understandable.

    3. Good Quality Pictures

    Instagram is all about pictures that includes sharing pictures in almost every niche and people look for beautiful things because our eyes always loves beautiful and clean photography. Try to put your best shot and pictures should not be blurry. Good quality pictures always bring good engagement to your page. So just focus on quality over quantity.

    4. Quality Content

    “Content is king” this term is true in every sense. Your content speaks for your-self. Each post on your Instagram matrix should be of high calibre and outwardly captivating. At the point when another client visits your profile, the content should make them need to see more. It’s that needing more that motivates another guest to click Follow.

    Incredible content additionally urges individuals to like, remark on, and share your posts. That commitment gives you an Instagram calculation lift and encourages you get more reach and new devotees. Just make sure that you deliver the best content in your capacity.

    5. Try to post that people love to re-share

    We should ask this to ourselves that when we feel the need to re-share someone’s post? There are two possibilities. One, you find that post is highly relatable and want your friend to know that because it is relatable to both. Second, you find that post really motivating and you want to motivate all other people so you re-share it. Just take a glance on which post you are having high engagement and create that type of content. This method will bring you amazing results.

    6. Use options like Nametag, Reels

    Your Instagram Nametag is a searchable code that permits Instagram users to follow you right away. We said before that even disconnected correspondences materials offer an opportunity to advance your Instagram account. The Instagram Nametag is a simple and viable approach to advance your record on offline materials like pressing slips, signage, and item bundling. Reels is another way to keep the audience engaged. It is 10 sec videos of any song or dance or you can just record it and people love to watch your day to day life. It is best method to keep the audience engaged for a long time.

    7. Giveaways

    When you are creator many brands offers you their products to promote them. So you can give them away to your followers and ask them to follow and tag friends which is a quick method to increase the followers. It has two benefits one, is you can get rid of piled up products and you can get some genuine followers for your page. This is a tried and tested method to grow followers.

    8. Follow Accounts

    You have to take a look of what other people are doing who have high followers. This gives you strategy and overview even if you are not doing things the right way. Instagram’s “Recommended For You” segment is additionally an extraordinary asset for finding significant accounts to follow. This shows up in your feed between posts, or on the right side of the screen on a PC.

    You can likewise get to Instagram’s recommendations by setting off to your profile, at that point tapping the three bars in the upper right and clicking Discover People. Here you’ll additionally discover a rundown of well- known Instagram accounts chose for you dependent on the calculation.

    9. Story Highlights

    Story highlights creats a good impact on your profile. It makes your profile look classy. Stories highlights offer you a chance to acquaint your image with individuals who visit your profile. Pack those features with heaps of extraordinary content and images to show new guests precisely why they should click Follow.

    10 . IGTV

    IGTV is also a vital way to increase followers. You can start a series related to your niche in which you provide certain ways to help them doing something related to your niche. And people are always eager to know and learn new things which will help you gaining followers.  Creating a series motivate your followers to follow and will share the videos to their friends and families. Always try to put value out there. And you can get amazing followers in no time.


    Here we provided you some of the proven ways that would really help you in gaining organic followers and you can have a good engagement.

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